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I am Michelle Eleanor, Creator of the Sacred Enneagram Course. I am eager to reveal to you the secrets of the sacred enneagram and lead you on your journey of healing and to true awakening to your divine nature.

I have passionately spent the last 22 years studying, investigating and experiencing the spiritual nature of reality. A brief history about me - I was born in 1977, As a child I was very conscious of the suffering of others and would be very upset about it, I thought that I shouldn’t be here on this planet and I felt out of place. I remember spiritual beings who called themselves the Elohim came to comfort me and communicate assurance that I am meant to be here that it’s all part of a divine plan. As a child I felt comforted but still could not understand why the world had to be this way. And so my mission was to try to understand and to help. This has led me to search for answers through many avenues and I have looked into many religions, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs, experienced different gurus and spiritual masters. And studied in various alternative spiritual healing therapies such as reiki, transcendental holistic modalities, shamanic healing, color therapy, aromatherapy, quantum healing and psychic development, UFO phenomenon and various other spiritual methodologies and practices and of course I ventured into studying the enneagram.

I am immensely grateful to have experienced some very profound miraculous phenomenon, healings and expanded awareness, all the while knowing we all have unseen spiritual mentors patiently guiding us to experience and manifest our divine truth. From all of my experience I want to now share with others the spiritual treasures I have found and unlock the divine treasures that are buried in you as I truly believe that every human being is inherently divinely sacred but we have just overlooked or omitted the spiritual depth of our being and  it is our divine right to experience our essential divine nature on this planet together.

In this course I have chosen to focus on specifically the healing and awakening aspects of the sacred enneagram. And also apply meditation and quantum healing techniques to dissolve problems, release traumatic cellular memories and heal bodily elements. This Sacred Enneagram Course is not another boring program of learning it’s an artistic visual  journey into the rich tapestry and deep discovery of life itself. What makes the enneagram so important is The enneagram is a life giving, ancient, sacred, multi-dimensional, geometric symbol. The Enneagram reveals 9 fundamental patterns and processes that exist in life—some of which are expressions of the creative universe, and some of which become troublesome in our lives. These 9 fundamental patterns and processes describe nine core motivations an individual may personify and what drives them to perceive that world in the way that they do. And more than that the Sacred enneagram Course shows you how intrinsically sacred all humans are, you will learn about the fundamental forces  and patterns of creation and how these forces and patterns also exist in you, giving you a renewed sense of purpose, opening up avenues of opportunity and choice, and empowering your creative expression.

To me, The Sacred Enneagram is a blue print to awakening ourselves to our essential divine nature. It has shown me that even when life is utterly chaotic, deranged, negative and hurtful that it is all still running in a divine order but we become lost and are unconscious or asleep to the qualities of illuminating essence that is always here.

Through knowing the Sacred Enneagram, You will see how habits of egoic identification continuously appear to veil the pure, pristine consciousness that you truly are. When habits of mind are exposed, there is a clear choice to end the bondage of ego-based suffering and to realize the vast, inherent freedom of one’s true nature.

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