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. My Profile Sacred Enneagram Course Overview... The Sacred Enneagram symbol is not a rigid symbol it’s a life giving ancient, sacred, multi-dimensional, geometric symbol that is highly  detailed and intricate. It moves and flows in patterns that give life and reveal knowledge. The Enneagram illuminates nine ways we leave presence, nine ways we forget who we really are, nine unconscious patterns which can lead  us away from all we truly care about — and also nine pathways to awakening back to your essential nature. Sacred Enneagram Find your enneagram Style...

The sacred enneagram reveals major patterns that exist in life—some of which are fundamental expressions of a creative universe, and some of which become troublesome in our lives. For its use to have maximum benefit, it’s important to identify your dominant Enneagram Style (ennea-style) or to at least narrow the types that have most familiarity in your own experience to two or three possibilities.

None of us want to be in a box. Finding your dominant style is an important first step in starting to move out of the box that the patterns of your life have already created. Ultimately, we are supported in becoming freer of the box as we expand our capacity for being present and disengaging from our historical sense of self.

“As part of this Sacred Enneagram course it is beneficial but not required to  find your enneagram style.” Find your Ennea-style with A Set of  -  “Golden Gilded Sacred Enneagram Typing Cards”

“I encourage you to talk to those who are close to you about the possible enneagram style results you find as feedback from others is very helpful but in the end no-one knows yourself like yourself.”

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